Here's how to quickly monetize all that video plr you have a hard drive full of...


If you are like most folk in the world of IM you almost certainly have a ton of PLR and resell content sat collecting digital dust.

Maybe you set out with the very best intentions but... You just never got around to making any of it available for sale.

The problem is that it's never that easy.  You have to customize and upload sales pages, download pages, configure payment gateways, decide how to host the files and so on...


Earlier this month Chris Hitman sent me details of a tool he was releasing and to be honest on first looks I passed it by.  Mainly because I don't personally have too much trouble getting stuff out there.

But the one thing I've heard from customers and clients recently is "but there is so much to do, there must be an easier and quicker way?"

So I went back and took another look and what this bad boy does totally blew me away.

Take a look at this video to see what I mean and if you decide you want to get in on this I have scored a coupon code that will get you in for less than half price on a lifetime deal!

Amazing eh?

Best of all Chris has agreed to not only let me hook you up with the lifetime price rather than the pay monthly everyone else will soon be paying, but I also got you a coupon code that will take it to LESS THAN HALF PRICE.

The coupon is 100off and you MUST enter and APPLY it at checkout.

And remember you are getting lifetime access for less than most folk will pay for just two months.

PLUS... You will also get to attend all the webinars for free that they run in which they will be showing you LIVE them launching a product using this and giving away a ton of insider tips and tricks.  Believe me, the webinars alone will be worth the entry price.

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