Why you should not host files and videos on Dropbox...

I've seen a few products recently that promote the idea of hosting video files on Dropbox. There was a even plugin that made it possible a few weeks ago.

I suspected it would be easy to trigger the bandwidth limits Dropbox impose so I did a test.  I hosted just a couple of my videos on Dropbox...

Within 10 days this had happened (and I am on a Pro paid account with higher limits):








At the end of the day Dropbox is for sharing files within a small group.  It is not a hosting service.

If you host video or digital downloads you sell on Dropbox you are asking for trouble.


  1. For file and video hosting Amazon S3 is cheap.  It takes a little getting used to, but it works great.
  2. Use SnakePlayer and host your videos on YouTube.  By doing this you have unlimited, massive bandwidth but maintain control over the branding and can make your player match your site.
  3. Host them on your own server.  If you use VPS hosting the speed won't be an issue, but do check your monthly bandwidth limits.