Why I am not promoting Zapable and why you probably should not buy it!

It seems every big name "gooruu" is promoting "Zapable" today.  And to be fair on the surface it looks good. But behind the glitz and glam of the launch spectacular, it lacks a few very important features.

The main one being it doesn't offer true WHITELABEL PN's (Push Notifications) and believe me if you are really going to make apps for clients this is a major thing. **Update see correction below **

Also this like so many products these days is a JV-centric launch.  When a launch is sold to JV's not on the strength of a product but on the massive commissions they can earn and the prize pot they can nab... you have to question how good of a deal it is for the customer.

Four More Products in their funnel on top of the $297 a year... and they don't wanna tell us what they are!

When an affiliate goes to JVZoo to request links they will notice there are four other products in the funnel.  Not one of these is mentioned on the JV page!  This suggests to me there's going to be some killer addons you will really want... and they are going to cost you!

My advice if you want to build mobile apps for yourself and/or clients and you want the features that really matter, and a lifetime membership (not yearly or monthly) then you should check out the Webinar I did with Adam Jackson a little while ago.

He's agreed to let me run a few replays over the next few days: http://webinarrooms.com/mobileapps-registration/

Update 2nd April 2015...

I did not want to edit this to make a correction as I don't pretend when I get something wrong, instead I just explain it.  So here goes...

Although not mentioned in any of the sales copy, it turns out there is some form of White Label push notifications, although from what I have seen there doesn't seem to be a way to schedule them in advance, and the site it makes you do them through (sendmypush.com) isn't actually mobile responsive.

I also have yet to verify if only you as an app builder can login to that or if you can create logins for your clients so they can send their own.

Whitelabel for me would mean it can be branded under my site name and clients can have their own logins.

In the comments Chris Wall asks...


I did TRY to contact the guys at Zapable.  They did not respond to my email.  Interestingly they also have not responded to emails sent by others (I have spent many hours checking into this since writing the original post).

I contacted Matt@Zapable on the 31st March 2015 @ 4:31pm UK time (Google shows this as an hour later - not sure why).  As of now (2nd April 2015, 4pm) I have still not had a response.






The problem here isn't limited to Zapable, lots of launches these days have a total lack of transparency.

Why not tell JV's what the funnel is?  Then we wouldn't have to rely on guess work.  Those of us that give a rats arse about what we promote and recommend to our subscribers, and who expect our subscribers to question us about things are going to get asked this stuff.

Saying we don't know is like saying "I don't friggin care, I just want the commission".  And guess what?  I do care and I don't just want the cash.

I never promote anything without knowing what the funnel is and whether the oto's are virtually essential to getting the best from something (as is sadly the case with many IM products these days), etc.

I have not purchased Zapable so I can only go on what information was on their site, their JV page and what others have told me (since they won't reply themselves).

Here is what I have found out, all of this is passed on info that I can't personally verify:

  • The social sharing features are an addon/upsell.
  • Zapable does not have magazine apps, game apps, kindle apps - all of which are a big deal.
  • It does not have a submission tool for itunes.  This means the user has to battle with the process themselves and must own a Mac to do it.  The other platform I mentioned has a submission system that will submit to your account for you making the very tricky process easy and removes the requirement to own a Mac.

At the end of the day what I post here is my opinion and it as educated as possible at the time of writing.  I can only verify Zapable has a thing called white label push notifications from some screen shots I have seen.  I cannot tell you what their definition of white label is, or whether they are an upsell or not.

So as always use due diligence.  If you think the cheaper and quite nice looking Zapable does what you want and you don't mind possibly getting hit for upsells (I have no idea, no one will confirm or deny for sure) then get it from http://zapable.com (not an affiliate link as I am not promoting it).

If you want what I think is a complete solution with true white label PN's and  over 128 done for you app templates (just add images and links) including games, magazines, etc then check out Adams webinar: http://webinarrooms.com/mobileapps-registration/ - he's just reduced the lifetime access fee too!  Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for Adams product and did the webinar with him because I rate the product.

OK, I'm done with this now!