Why I am not promoting or recommending FB Infiltrator!

By now you've probably already had a bunch of emails promoting "FB Infliltrator".  Most of those will be from guys who have not even looked at it and are just mailing because there has been a massive affiliate recruitment. But the whole concept of FB Infliltrator is flawed and has a limited life.

First of all the video demo show the "old/traditional" style facebook screens.  For the past year or so Facebook have been rolling out the new look gradually to users.  By luck of the draw I got it right at the start of the roll-out where as other family members are still waiting.  But everyone will get it eventually.

Why is this a big deal?

How do you honestly think people are going to react when they start seeing opt-in forms and blatent ads appearing on their wall and on pages they visit within Facebook?  It's a big enough deal now that trigger happy nutters sign up for email lists and then file a spam complaint the first time they get a mail from it.  And Facebook are making it super-easy for people to flag posts as "spam"...

This is a screen shot from my Facebook...


As you can see there is now a drop down by every post that gives me the option to mark it as "spam" and if a post gets enough of these complaints... Facebook can suspend or close the offenders account.

How long is it going to take for a bunch of even slightly trigger happy people to complain when they see things like this on their walls...


This looks like what it is... blatent advertising.

People mainly use Facebook for "social networking" and they take offense at stuff like this.  Most of them happily accept the little band of ads down the side that helps fund their free access to the worlds biggest social network, but when you start pumping crap like this onto their walls... that's a whole new story and that spam button (for those who have the new look FB or the FB app) is going to get clicked a lot.

On top of all of this, Facebook are rolling out their own service that will do ads in the wall space.  It's been in the pipeline a while now as you can see from this article.

Once they get that launched how long will it take them to change their terms of service so you can't use any third party stuff to produce the same results?

My advice is this...

1) If you must buy it then expect to spend a wadge of dollars because the funnel on this product is all about making affiliates cash and so they're gonna sell you a bunch of other stuff you "have to have" on the way.

2) If you do buy it, use it hard and fast NOW.  Get the subscribers from it while you can because its going to become pretty ineffective quickly if everyone is doing it.

3) Don't be upset in 2 months time when it is no longer effective.

Personally I'd rather spend my advertising dollars on stuff that works and keeps on working and not have to waste hours playing with some flash in the pan system.