Where I've been for the past week and a bit...

If you thought I'd gone a bit quiet the past week or so... you're right. I sadly lost a good friend to a very aggressive cancer and it hit me pretty hard.  He was given six months to live just three weeks ago, so we knew it was coming... we just didn't know it would be so fast.

So my apologies if you've been waiting on me for anything.  And BIG thanks to Jerome and Sarah for their work on the support desk while I was gone.

While a lot of stuff was released last week... Most of it wasn't news worthy really.

Tell me something...

Is it me or is the new formula for product naming "Any unfeasibly short length of time" + Any of the following words: commissions, cash, profits, enigma, pay day or millionaire.

No wonder people have unrealistic expectations eh?

As I've said before... this is a business.  Not a get rich quick scheme.

It is a business that pays really well if you do it right.  But that is the key... doing it right.

One product that has helped loads of people get on the right path is available at the moment on special.  It's Kevin Fahey's Solo Ad Escape

And of course if you've not read my "Be a Five Percenter" report then go download this free sample chapter right now and you will see how it's going to change your life and outlook on Internet Marketing forever.