What I think of ReEngager


I've had a few people ask for my view of a new plugin that came out yesterday.

To be honest when I first heard about what it did I didn't think it was anything new...
There had been a plugin a little while ago that could manipulate what was shown in the non-active browser tab as a way to get people to click back, but the fact is...

Re-engager does so much more than that.

Because now when they are tempted back by this clever technology, you can trigger any one of a number of actions.

The best way to see this at work is to visit this page - go on... it will open in a new tab.  Then click back to this tab to continue reading.

Do you see that in your browser tab bar?  The re-engager page is flashing a warning message.  Hard to miss right?

And when you click back you will see just one of the many possible actions you can take.  For the demo they throw up a pop-up.

It's powerful stuff and I am going to implement it on some of my direct sales and landing pages.

Let's talk about OTO's...

Yes there is an OTO/Upsell.

The base plugin costs $27 and is worth every penny.  But then you will be offered a $47 upsell.

Wait... $47 on top of a $27 base purchase?

Yes but it is highly worthy of your consideration because it gives you Developer rights (this means you can use it on client sites or sites you flip) and it also gives you two extra actions that you can take when re-engaging a visitor.

If you don't want/need this then just pass on it, but I want to be transparent in my discussion of the plugin.

Bottom line:  It's a great plugin and it does far more than just re-engage a visitor.  I highly recommend it.  You can get it here.