What I Think of Kevin Fahey's IM Product Launching 2.0


Usually I write a review post and give a product star ratings but I am not doing that for this one. Why?

Because I'd give it 5 out of 5 and people would think "oh it's good" and possibly pass it by.

I don't want to risk that...

Because this isn't just good... [mylink="http://jvz5.com/c/6374/113028"]

This is the dogs bollocks (an English phrase meaning this is top drawer stuff) and I would hate you to miss out on this so much that I am prepared to BRIBE YOU with over $165 of my products just to pick up this training that costs less than $10!

Check out my crazy bonus page here (this is not stuff pulled off a resell site like most people do)

My bonus package is delivered AUTOMATICALLY when you use my link and if you want to be certain then when you get to the checkout page, look at the bottom and you will see my ID "6374" in the small print.

I could write a long ass blog post about how good this is but I'd probably just bore you.

The bottom line is:  This will teach you ALL the secrets to launching product even if you don't have a following, a list and you've not got around to rimming a bunch of affiliates yet.

It's less than $10 and I'm giving you $165+ worth (real value, not hyped up - all my stuff has sold and still sells at the quoted prices) of my products just as a bribe to make sure you get this.

If this was any better I'd be paying the $9.95 for you!

Click Here and check out my bonuses and then use the big green button on that page to go to the actual offer.