We need to talk about Mail It...


Tomorrow sees the long awaited launch of Brett Rutecky's "Mail It!" plugin.  And as I have been asked by so many people for my opinion on it I have decided to publish this post a day early...

Will I be picking up a copy of Mail It?


Will I be using it for my main list mailings? 


Should You Buy It?


Read on and I will explain...

Before we launch into a full on discussion we need to be clear exactly what "Mail It!" is and just as importantly... What it ISN'T!


What it is: Mail It! is a broadcast list mailing plugin for WordPress with a single Auto Responder message feature that uses your hosting providers mail server to send the messages.

What it isn't: Mail It! is NOT a follow-up auto-responder system...

Nor is it pretending or claiming to be!  So anyone moaning about that is a bonafide cockwomble!

Brett developed this for himself and when he got the results that he did, it made sense to release it as a commercial product.  And if you do marketing, or plan to do marketing like Brett does... this is a perfect solution for you.


In my opinion you are leaving a LOT of money on the table if you don't have a follow-up autoresponder sequence when someone first subscribes to your list.

Evidence shows that a prospect or lead is hottest in the first 21 days and this is also the time when you should be building rapport, letting them get to know you, etc.  This is only practical when it's been done on auto-pilot and "Mail It!" can only send one initial welcome email.

But hold up Tonto!

That doesn't make this useless by a long shot.

Let's consider the issues with main stream auto-responder services like Aweber, Get Response, Send Lane and the like...

Over time the open rates always drop off.  Perhaps more of the messages sent with your combination of "from address" and their sending server cause more of your messages to land in the promotions (or worse still the spam) folder.

At this point you usually send out some re-engagement messages and try to arouse your cold subscribers into taking some action and getting warm again.  But if they don't even see the email to re-engage what use is that?

It is at this point that the savvy marketer will export out the cold leads and put them into a different provider and they usually see that 10% or more of what they thought was dead now respond...

Simply because the other provider got the email in front of them.

The problem with importing...

The issue with importing a list to a different provider is that most of them make you jump through hoops to do it.

But with Mail It you can import what you like, when you like.

Which brings me on to a few clever ways you can use this plugin...

  1. You could have your list building happen on a normal auto-responder service, that way you get the integrations with payment processors, the follow up sequences, etc.  When someone drops out of a sequence you can import them into Mail It and take them out of your normal auto responder.  This means you will keep your monthly autoresponder list size to a minimum but have all the follow up power in that critical first 7 - 21 days.
  2. You could use Mail It to re-engage cold leads and get them to take action which puts them back into one of your main list providers (and you can simply remove them from Mail It if that happens).
  3. You could just use Mail It as a back-up.  No list provider has 100% up time and there is nothing worse than if yours goes down during a launch or something.  With Mail It you could keep a copy of your list on stand-by and use it in an emergency.

Potential Issues and How to Avoid them...

The biggest issue some are going to have with this is they will try to run it on el-cheapo shared hosting and wonder why they get crappy delivery rates.  Let's be realistic here.  Shared hosting means shared IP's and a strong chance you are going to have a hell of a time getting consistent delivery rates.  Also most hosts limit the number of outbound emails per day or hour.  MailIt does have a throttle built in but on a shared host with a big list... unless you don't mind your emails taking days - forget it.

This is going to work best on VPS and Dedicated hosting.  But VPS hosting is pretty cheap these days and you only need enough to host a single domain with WordPress on it.

Pay very close attention to the excellent video training that accompanies this.  Brett explains how to warm up your IP address and avoid any pitfalls.  Those who jump in and install this without watching those videos are asking for trouble.

Bottom Line...

Brett uses this and has done for a long time now.  And Brett's stuff is always pretty solid and the support is there.

For me this is not an "Auto Responder Killer" which is how many affiliates will pitch it.  But it is a good broadcast system, a potentially fantastic back-up mail system and it has no monthly cost.

For the crazy low price it's worth having in your tool box if you do email marketing.


At the end of the day I make a few bucks if you buy this through my link and being that this has Mike "From Maine but from Turkey really" Thomas on board it's going to have a lot of guys promoting it.  This means people will bonus shop.

If you want to hunt around for the best pile of shite from a re-sell site bonus pack with a supposed value of $50gazilliontrillion dollars - be my guest.

I am offering one real big value bonus... (although you will also get the 4 standard bonus Brett has supplied)

I am going to do a live webinar next week (I think Thursday but I am finalizing detail) in which I am going to cover a bunch of email marketing tips and tricks, if you can't make it live there will be a replay recording made.  And for those who do make it live... I'll stick around for questions afterwards and you can pretty much ask me anything.  And I will stay as long as that takes!  If there are questions for 4 hours... I will be there!

This is a NO PITCH webinar.  There will be nothing for sale, I won't be suggesting you apply for coaching or anything like that.  This is all content and teaching!

I will be revealing...

  • How you can automatically make every lead that goes into Aweber or Get Response also get added to a list ready for importing into Mail It.
  • More detail about how I will be using MailIt.
  • Re-engagement tips and tricks.
  • List building tips, tricks and ideas.  Real world stuff that works and not pie in the sky nonsense!
  • How to leverage big profits from tiny lists.
  • PLUS... I will be giving away some extras including some other software (cross platform) to help with list maintenance and things to help you build your list with.

The only way to get in on this live training or to access to replay is to pick this up through my link.

Finally it is worth noting that there is an early bird webinar for this and if you use my link before launch you can sign up to attend that.  On that webinar Mike and Brett will be showing you around the plugin and answering any pre-sales questions you might have.

Here is my link: http://jvz9.com/c/6374/226823

The access to the webinar is delivered automatically via JVZoo and will appear as a "Get your bonus" button on the access page.  The standard bonuses (shown below) are delivered inside the Mail It members area.


Standard Bonuses...


Semi-Standard Bonuses (affiliates that bothered to reach out to Mike got these)...

Resell Rights to Instant Video Site (Sales Page: http://instantvideosite.us/)

Resell Rights to Soci Vids (http://socivids.us/)