Using Mindmaps to plan your sales flow and craft your offers.


Mind mapping is a valuable tool when it comes to creating effective sales copy.

While not everyone is familiar with the concept of a mind map, chances are you have seen the approach used to great effect.

Essentially, mind mapping is the presentation of a collection of ideas, concepts, or words that all relate to some type of central understanding. When it comes to applying this approach to the flow of your sales copy, mind mapping can provide some interesting and unique ways to identify benefits of your product that will attract the right consumer market. Here are some ideas of how to use the mind mapping approach.

1. Identify your central understanding. In this case, that would be your product offering. This will serve as the point of destination that all other attributes will map back to. Keeping your product as the central focus will make it harder to drift during the course of identifying elements for your sales copy.

2. Use single word designations to identify the main functions of your products. This broadens on the central theme, but is still vague enough to allow for more investigation.

3. Take it one level deeper. Within the context of those broad themes or ideas, provide examples of how your product benefits work. For instance, if you are selling a carpet cleaner, one broad theme may be the deep foam action. Drilling a little deeper, you can also note the foam lifts dirt easily from both carpet and furniture upholstery.

By mind mapping, you are not only helping yourself to visualize the flow of the text, but also using words to create images for the reader that he or she can easily relate to.

Try this method and see what new and different angles you come up with to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product.

Mind Mapping Software (All free):

Freemind (available for PC, Mac and Linux systems):
XMind (my preference, there is a free and a paid level, the free one does all of what you really need):