This could be a massive opportunity for someone...

I've been checking out a new service that is basically a white-label live chat system that you can sell to other people.  It has more features than the main players in the industry and they sell their services for between $47 - $97 a month to each user. I suspect they invested thousands to get their sites up and running.

But Live Chat Hero let's you have your own service with your own branding and you can choose how much you charge... everything.

And here is the crazy thing.  An unlimited white label account (so you can have unlimited customers paying you monthly) is currently on sale at just $37/mo.

Unless you are hopeless at doing some basic promotion, you can't fail to gain massively from this deal.

Think about it... With other companies offering this service for $50 - $100 a month, you will be able to offer it for any price you like and with more features. So potentially you could match their prices and compete easily, you could undercut them or you could pitch it premium with the added features.

The bottom line is you should easily be able to sign your first client up for at least $37 a month... how many other PROPER businesses can you reach break-even with just one customer?

It's on sale over at the Warrior Forum as a WSO for a very limited time.

The sad thing is... it's almost wasted there.  Most "warriors" will pass this by because they only want push-button bull-s**t that gives them a hit of hope and delivers nothing. This is a real opportunity to establish yourself with a real web service with real residual income streams.

There is money to be made, especially now... check it out here.