The Warrior Forum's Big Announcement (Spoiler alert they've now crapped on the horse they flogged to death)

Well I'm damn sure glad I didn't stay up to watch the Ustream announcement last night.  It was (as predicted) that they have their own payment system now, like JVZoo and Warrior Plus only crappy. It amazes me that a company like Freelancer thinks they can put together and launch a solution without once asking what WSO sellers want and need.

And because they didn't stop to ask they have created a steaming pile of horse doo.

At this stage it only works with Aweber, Mail Chimp and two almost unheard of Auto Responder services.  So anyone who uses GetResponse can't add customers to their list.

It doesn't handle recurring payment products, it cannot do OTO's, it doesn't (apparently) give any stats on visits and purchases.  Basically it does nothing much at all that the others do.

One of my marketing friends of Facebook, Caliban Darklock, summed it up the best.   "Allen Says had a community. has an investment. You can already see the difference in what that means."

It just smacks of desperation.  First they dropped the listing fee by half for WSO's which just encouraged bunches of really low quality junk.  Now they're trying to make people use their payment system that doesn't do what sellers need.

For the time being you can still use other payment gateways although they've done their best to hide the link to create a WSO without using their system.

If you need to create one, here is the link you need:

They have also stopped free wso's.

Shame, I thought they'd make positive changes to the forum.  So far the only decent thing they've managed to change is the font.  Well done freelancer!