The Simple One Promise Formula For Massive Sales.


Which of these two products would you be more likely to buy:

“How to sell your products using Facebook ads”


“How to make 396 affiliate sales totaling $8,774 in commissions in the next 72 hours spending just $133 on Facebook ads”

The second one, right?

How about these two…

“How I lost weight”


“How I lost 93 pounds in 6 months and went on to win 2 bodybuilding championships at the age of 42”

Of course, it’s the second one that gets your attention.

Why is that?

Because the second titles are exact and precise, which is exactly what people buy.

Vague isn’t interesting.

Vague isn’t sexy.

And "Vague" doesn’t make sales.

To be clear here, I'm not talking about just getting your headline right.  That is vitally important but so is this;

Base your products around just ONE main promise

Compare these two:

“The complete, no-holds-barred, definitive encyclopedia on Facebook Marketing”

Compared with...

“The 3 step formula to selling almost anything on Facebook and making a profit within 24 hours, guaranteed.”

The first one presumably covers anything and everything you could imagine about marketing your stuff on Facebook.

The second one makes a single, precise promise.

And yet I would bet good money that the second one will outsell the first one many times over.

When you pick one thing and cover it in depth, you make sales.

It’s easier and faster to make this type of product.  It’s simple to explain in your sales material.  And it’s a no-brainer for the customer to grasp.

They know exactly what they can expect, which makes it far easier to get the sale.

And best of all…

…let’s say you’ve got a product that covers or does a whole range of stuff.

If you break that product down into ‘one promise’ products, you will have more products to sell, and you will sell more of each product.

You might want to read that last sentence again, because it is a million dollar piece of marketing advice if you understand and implement it.

Make the title of your product a single promise.

Then go deep, not wide.

Rinse and repeat.

Using this method you can crank out a product a week instead of a product every month or two.

Frankly, if you work on this full time, you can do even better than that.

And you’ll actually sell more of each product.

Paradoxical, maybe.

But it flat out works.

One last example:

You’re building a WordPress plugin that does everything but clean your car and take out the trash...


Break that plugin down into several small plugins, with each plugin delivering on a single promise.

Your marketing just became easy as pie.

Your sales letters and videos will practically write themselves because it’s now so simple.

People will better understand what you’re offering.

And you will sell TONS more.