The Rich Jerk is back but I won't be buying his hype.

The Rich Jerk is back. And some folk seem to think that's a good thing. I remember the rich jerk the first time around. Back then (2008 I think) it was an entertaining twist on selling some basic IM training.

Look, If you need to spend a few hundred bucks to get some standard IM advice presented in an entertaining manner then fine. But just remember, thousands bought his stuff the 1st time around and what good did it do them?

It might help some if only because they might just be entertained enough to do it.

A better plan?

Just do it anyway. You know the basics, just do them.

When a launch is this glitzy (they've paid big name stars, bribed big name affiliates with gifts, etc) you know where your money is going... and it's certainly not on a product that's worth that price ticket.