The Real Question You Should be Asking About "ECom"...


You will hear a lot about ECom over the next few days because there's a massive ECom training product hitting the market called "ECom Domination".

Loads of marketers will be telling you it's a "must-have" and advising you to "get in on it" but let's be real... They're doing that because they get paid a juicy commission if you do.

So here's the real question you need to ask yourself about ECom... [mylink=""]

Is ECom right for you?

Many years ago I tried ECom.  Back then we called it "Mail Order" which is pretty much what it is.  These days the shop front has become the web and folks prefer to refer to it as "ECom."

At the end of the day it's the selling of physical/tangible goods online.  Things that are physically shipped to the customer and arrive in the mail.

This can be anything of course; Tee Shirts, Books, Cosmetics, Magic diet pills, penis enlargers, sunglasses, DVD's, Small hats for chinchillas, pens, literally ANYTHING.

And these days you don't even have to hold inventory.  You can drop-ship which means the suppliers mails out the product direct to your customer.

But ECom isn't right for everyone.

Firstly there is a little learning curve.  You have to master what sells and what doesn't, how to attract customers to your estore, where to source the products from, how to set up drop shipping and automation systems and so on...

In my experience too many folk seem to think starting and running a business should be "mouse click easy", which is why so many suckers buy ridiculous magic systems that tell them they can make money effortlessly.

Secondly... Too many people try to do it for free or on the cheap and we all know the vast amount of "free advice" is worth exactly what you paid for it... Feck all.

And thirdly... For many entrepreneurs, it just isn't something they have any inclination for...

Take me for example...

I have zero interest in selling sunglasses, watches, kids clothes or novelty inflatable hamsters.  I much prefer dealing with software and helping people succeed online.  So I don't do this eCom thing, even though I could set something up on relative auto-pilot and just add an income stream to my arsenal.

But I am not you.

So is eCom right for you?

In truth only you can answer that...

But if you've been looking for a real business that can bring in thousands a month and you don't mind putting in a little effort then it is absolutely something you can do.

But you have to get the right training and advice.

And if I were going to set myself up in eCom I would listen to Jon Bowtell and Sam England because they are two guys who live and do this stuff daily.

Between them they have over 30 years experience and have finally got together and created the most complete eCom training I've ever seen.

There are 2 types of online entrepreneurs...

Those that forge a new path online, through a baptism of fire, earning battle scar after battle scar until eventually they figure it all out and build huge businesses.

Then there are those who ride their coats tails.

Believe me, riding coat tails might not get you the glory but it certainly gets you the profits (and without all the battle scars).

So if I was setting up an eCom business I would for sure hop onto these particular coat tails today and get access to the biggest deepest and most complete eCom training and software package on the planet.

Training created by two 15 year veterans of eCom with millions of dollars of eCom experience.

This package represents a total knowledge dump of everything they’ve learned in a combined 30 year career.

PLUS they are giving away during this launch period only all of their custom built software tools that they use daily in their eCom businesses.

You can read and see more about eCom Domination here and make up your own mind.

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