The real life of a full time online marketer.

So far today I have done the school run and put the recycling out.  Oh what a glamorous life it is this "online lark".  Funny because if you look at most of the gurus sites they all tell you that with very little work you can be spending all your time on a private beach that you arrived at in your new Ferrari. I'm not saying those things are not achievable, but they are not as super-easy to achieve as some would have you think.  Those guys just want you to buy their $497 e-course and their $197/mo continuity and their $4,997 masters program and they'll tell you that blue is red in order to get you to.  After all... that is what gives them the lifestyle they brag about.

My problem is I have ethics.  Sure I have to earn money online, I am in business and that's what business is about.  But I can't sell dog crap courses that will make me rich if they're not going to help anyone.

I'd rather live with the good karma knowing that the things I offer and promote to my lists are actually going to help them (if they use them of course) and at a fair price.

You don't need to buy a $5k course to learn the ropes and pay your dues as some will have you believe.  You just need to do a few simple things and you can start to see some return on your investment.  And you tweak and test it a little and when it's getting the right results you scale it up.

No rocket science there!

If you have come to my site to learn how to be a millionaire - I'm not equipped to help.  Because I'm not one (yet).  But if you live in the real world and see that the first step is to build something that will pay you a more than decent full time wage then I can certainly give you some guidance and point you in the right direction.

At the time of writing I've been shooting some new videos.  They are basically what I taught in my "Fast Start System" but this time I it's me doing it - live.  Proving that it works and proving it isn't hard.  Not for my benefit, I know it works...

...But there are people who did that training and then didn't do anything with it and I am hoping that by recording the actual live process "warts and all" might actually inspire a few more to get off their arses, stop buying dog s**t WSO's that don't work and actually do something that will change their fortune for a change.

It has also given me chance to demonstrate a few things that have evolved with the system.  I'll tell you more about it in the near future.