The new home of the Friday Night Internet Marketing Pub...


The story so far.... We started life just under a year ago using blab. Then one day blab closed down. After a few frustrating weeks of faffing around with tiny chat, rabbit and some other platforms Curt Crowley found had come back to life and had a video chat room. We've used it the last few weeks and it worked great...

This past week they emailed users announcing they were end of lifing it and taking bebo in a new direction.

But you can't keep good alcohol abusing marketers down!

As of tonight we have what we think is the mother of all solutions and now people can watch and ask questions to those in the pub via Facebook.

Come check it out for the first time this Friday at 9pm UK time!

Here is how we expect the first IM Pub using this new system to go down...

9pm UK time (4pm EST) we will go live, you can either jump in a seat using the link we give or you can watch it right here on Facebook via the live stream.

9pm - 11:30pm (approx) will be broadcast on FB Live.

After 11:30pm we will stop the live stream on FB and those who want can continue to hang out and chat off the record for as long as we can stay awake. This means the real drunken stuff doesn't get recorded!

The only way to be part of the "lock-in" is to grab one of the 12 seats and be on camera!