The dark side? A Leaked Video and More!


It's no surprise that me liking Jamie Lewis's Domainer Elite Pro has caused a lot of people to ask questions...

"Have you crossed to the dark side?"

"Have you gone insane?"

"Does Jamie have your family held hostage somewhere?"

In today's blog post I will answer all that and more!  And I'll even leak a video from inside the members area of Domainer Elite Pro (just don't tell Jamie OK?)

OK.. So first of all...

No Jamie didn't kidnap my family, nor has he got copies of the photos of me in a compromising position with three hookers and a cucumber.  And as far as I can tell, I have not gone insane although the jury is out on that one to be fair.

One of my favorite comments on yesterdays blog was from Tony who said...

Hi, I came here from your first video and I liked it. The downside is in this video you say you didn’t like version 1 but love version 2… but really the whole first video wasn’t about the product it was how Jamie was lying about everything and more scamming then anything, saying how much he sold and really it there was few sales and most the money from websites. So did he actually do all those sales and you were wrong in the first video? Just seems now like you went to the darkside and are pitching it.

Not an unfair thing to say and Tony has every right to call me out on anything I say or do here (as does anyone).

The fact Jamie sells domains and profits from them was never in any doubt, I questioned the claim that you could “take a $9 and sell it for $5k over and over”, something that Jamie only did once and only as a result of getting lucky and being approached by someone who wanted it (it was not listed for sale).

Also some of the other examples he gave I felt focused on the sale price without accounting for the fees involved. It’s always easy to claim “turnover” above profit and this is something a lot of marketers do in sales copy (not defending it, just saying it happens!)

Domainer Elite Pro is a very different product to Domainer Elite 1.0

What you are buying this time is SOFTWARE(with some training) where as V1 was all about the training (which was quite basic In my opinion) and had to be over-hyped to make it sell like it did.   

With this release the focus is on the software and I honestly believe the claims made on the sales page and in the videos really are achievable by anyone who puts in the required effort.

Buying a domain for $9 and selling it for $50, $100 or perhaps even $250 can be done and repeated frequently. And from time to time you might get super lucky and snag a domain for $9 that’s worth $1000, etc.

This isn’t about “crossing to the dark side”, it’s about making people aware that this is very different from the product of a year ago and that I think it’s totally worth your time and consideration if domaining is something you want to get into.

Now having said that if you aren't convinced... Just don't pick it up.  Or do your own due diligence and then decide.

No one is holding a gun to your head here :-)

I am leaking a video!

I think one of the things that will really help you make your own minds up is to see one of the tutorial videos.  So at the risk of Jamie executing one of my family members (LOLZ) here is a tutorial that shows the software being used:

Go watch that and see for yourself why I am recommending this!