Sticking at it.

I reckon the reason most would be info-preneurs don't make it is that they don't stick to any one strategy or idea long enough to get the real results. It's like they do something, get to the point where if they took some proper action it would work and then they spot some new fangled shiny object on the horizon and run after that instead.

Or they are working on a product, they get 70% or more of the way there but then they have an idea for "an even better product" and start doing that instead.

Product creation only makes you money if you see it through to launch and then stick around long enough to try different forms of marketing on it.

If you've got half a dozen unfinished projects... or even a couple... pick one and FINISH IT.  Then LAUNCH IT and stick around long enough to test sales pages/squeeze pages, etc.  Do that and you'll make more money.

This aint rocket science people!