Some thoughts on Leadpages...

Just thought I'd share some thoughts on Leadpages. I have been using it a few months now and I really think it's something everyone should consider.

Now I am technically able to put squeeze pages and the like together in any number of ways and I have a dozen plugins if I want to make things easier. So why the hell would I pay $67 a month for a pro account on leadpages?

1) It's not wordpress, therefore chance of hacking and costing me hours in lost time restoring stuff and patching stupid security plugins is pretty much zilch.  I have no issue with using Wordpress here but for something as core as lead generation I'd rather not take the chance.

2) Access it anywhere from a web based system.

3) It's fast as blazes to do great pages with. I needed to redo a short sales page today. I already had the video for it on the old page so I decided now you can use your own buttons with JVZoo to try leadpages for it. I had it done in 10 minutes.

4) Split testing and stats right there in one place.

5) No limit on how many hits you can send to a page they are hosting. This is unlike ubounce and many of the other hosted solutions out there whose prices increase based on the amount of traffic your lead page gets.

This means that when I decided to test sending a large amount of low quality cheap traffic at a page... it didn't matter and it didn't slow my hosting down.  And it turned out that although the conversion rate with this traffic was low, for the price paid the cost per lead was lower than I pay for solo ads.

I could not have driven that many hits, that rapidly to a Wordpress install, even on a VPS it would have crashed it!

I know some are deterred by the monthly fee, but I reckon I save $67 worth of my time every month just on the speed you can get things done. And that's before you factor in the peace of mine that it gives with... No updating plugins, no worrying if the new version of WP is gonna screw your lead pages up, no hacking worries, great tracking, etc.

I appreciate for some starting out the cost might seem prohibitive, or the fact it's monthly puts you off because after all... you can get a plugin for a one time fee... But if you put a real money value on your time, especially if you are only doing this stuff part-time to begin with and only have a few hours a day on your web business... I somehow think with any other service or system you will spend much longer on your lead pages, sales pages, thank you pages, and tracking and even a couple of hours of your time has to be worth the monthly fee.

You can check Leadpages out here.