Software claims it can get you to page 1 of Google in as little as 10 minutes...

I've said before... SEO isn't my thing, but I know for many of you getting ranked by Google is a big deal. [mylink=""] So when Cliff Carrigan (who is one of the good software guys) told me he'd made a program that could get a site ranked on page 1 of Google in as little as ten minutes it's fair to say he peaked my interest.

Had it been anyone else I'd have probably of just said "bullshit" and walked away.  But Cliff has a reputation for creating tools that work and I know he wouldn't flush that away for anything.

Can you imagine how incredibly powerful it would be if you could near instantly and automatically have your product showing up on the first page of google in your niche for your keywords?

Cliff's Ugly but effective software.

Cliffs new custom software program that gives you the ability to do just that - Almost 100% completely automated.

You enter your keywords, run it through a couple of screens in the software and BOOM! It gives you a google page one listing... Seriously crazy stuff!

Go take a look - You'll never look at seo the same again!