Real or Bullshit: Fifty or more buyers a day without worrying about traffic?


Josh Baldock and Fergal Downes have published a guide that claims to show you how you can literally grow your list by 50+ Buyer Leads per day, without having to any traffic yourself. Now I would have had massive suspicions about this if it wasn't from two guys I know are on the level.

Now let's be blunt...

Traffic is never the problem anyway - you can just buy it. But I am always getting asked for ways to get started without having to risk ad spends.

This is a genuine, 100% real, newbie friendly, and ethical way that you can start growing your buyers list to numbers that you have never seen before!

The system literally takes around 30 minutes to set up and you can literally start growing your list and making money in such a short space of time. Is the 50+ a day claim possible?

I think so, but it might be pushing it to expect that on your first try.

But what if you could add just 20 buyer leads in a week?

You see...

Even if you low ball the expectations this makes perfect sense to try.

Josh shows you on his screen, over his shoulder EXACTLY how to set this up from absolutely nothing…to being 100% set up. I think you will be really pleased when you grab it – However the price is going up every 2 hours or so, so I’d get in now before it jumps up again!

Check it out here: Quick Affiliate Profits