Rapid Product Creation and a bit of a rant about ethical marketing.

One of the things I get asked about the most by customers or other marketers when I attend the occasional meet-up is about the speed at which I generally create and launch products. You see I don't like the mega launch strategy at all.  It doesn't rest well with me because people who follow it (with a very few exceptions) have to put so much time and effort into bribing affiliates that they have worked out with a mega launch, getting a load of the top affiliates to mail for it that it almost doesn't matter if the product is a giant turd.

That's partly why this industry is held in such low esteem by some.

I'd rather just deliver a product and if it's good and what people want they'll buy it.  And if one of my affiliates promotes it, it is usually because they genuinely love the product and they feel it will be a benefit to their subscribers.

If you join the mega launch gang you are expected to reciprocate on promotions.  That's OK if the product is good, but I won't mail my list about something just because it has good EPC's or I stand to make a pretty penny.

In fact I've often mailed about little $7 products that have back end or upsell, because they are good and my list will really benefit from them.

Basically I play the long game.  I want to build a list who will stick around.

Sure I need them to buy stuff - I am a business.  This is what I do full time, it's how I pay for the house, the cars and put food on the table.

The mad thing is if I wanted to launch new stuff with the mega crowd I'd probably sell a lot more and make more money, at least in the short term.  But there's a line.  I like doing what I do.  Why go against your morals and ethics to make a buck?  And why risk the longevity of your online business for a quick buck short term?

That's why so many marketers have come and gone, some of them who have had massive launches.  While I'm still here year in, year out, quietly making a more than respectable living online.

But I do love to create products, and that is what this post is meant to be about.

The main reason is because every product you create is an asset.  Even the ones that don't do well can be tweaked and relaunched or used as bonuses when someone buys an affiliate product through your link.

If you can create your own products you can have unique give-aways that no one else is offering on your squeeze pages, and without exception out of all the people I've helped either through coaching or via the products I've put out; The ones who create their own products are always more successful than those who don't.

There are a whole bunch of tricks you can use to rapidly develop good products.  I'm going to give some of my favorites here and none of these use outsourcing which is always a route to consider if you hate creating yourself.

Free Products

Let's discuss these first.  These are lead generators that have some perceived value, but you give them away in order to get people onto your list/into your sales funnel.

I am a big fan of using PLR as a foundation for these, but I never use PLR "as is".  In the very least I will get new graphics done (or do a quickie e-cover myself with a tool like the e-cover generator I have on this site).

I usually rework the product a little.  Firstly I only start with a half decent product.  If it looks like it was written by someone with no grasp of the English language I'm not interested.

You can't polish a turd.

I want to be able to reword things so it sounds like how I speak/type/write.  I usually spend 1 - 3 minutes per page.  I also strip out any silly clip art or replace it with something that suits my style.

This means I can do a basic, good-enough PLR rewrite of a 7 - 10 page document in no more than 20 - 30 minutes.

I stick a link to my site on the cover page and some resource box style offers at the end.

I rarely mess around with video PLR for freebies.  The files are too big and I want a freebie that can be delivered as an email attachment or downloaded quickly from a page.  My real focus is going to be getting them onto the list and seeing a real offer, the free report is the hook and the bait but I don't want it to become a distraction.

Software products.

Software makes fantastic free gifts and paid products.  Software has a far higher perceived value than a PDF report or a free video.  People are used to video being free thanks to the Tube sites.  But software that solves a problem... that's a different matter.

Even if you only use a software wrapper to package up some video content... it still holds a higher value in the propects mind because "it's software".  To them software is something not everyone can make.

Ironically with tools like iCurator Pro and Software Product Magic anyone can make software without programming.  Now full disclosure here:  Those are both my products and while I don't want this post to become a big advert, I honestly would recommend them if they weren't mine!

With both of these you can make software that requires a "registration key" the first time it is run.  And you can configure the button under it to take them to a site to get that key "for free".  At which point you are adding them to your list.

This is killer way to list build because the lead page is no longer a squeeze page.

Instead it's a direct download page for the software.  And there is something in the psychology of the process here.

When someone has clicked and downloaded, and installed a piece of software they have already committed to wanting it.  So when the registration process pops up it's like it circumvents the normal thought process and they happily give you their proper email address.

This is how when I came back to online marketing after a break I was able to quickly build a 2000 strong list.  I made software that had this registration in it and gave it away anywhere I could.  All the free download and shareware sites, direct from my own lead pages, I gave copies to people who run PLR sites and let them pass on resell and give away rights.

I still get people every day join those lists and I've not updated or promoted that software myself in 3 years.

Here's a video I did a few years ago where I created software and launched it as a WSO in under six hours (that was from having the idea to launching it!)

[EZWebPlayer VideoID=752f72aa-b827-4bfd-b2b4-3a5b7785aac9/]

In part two I'll tell you more about how I come up with ideas, and how else I "cheat the system" when it comes to creating products quickly.