Paradox Solved - "Easy" is NOT the same as "Not Hard"


There is not anything in my online business that I really consider "Hard to do".

In fact... Almost anyone (notice I did say 'almost') can do the things I do and could get similar, or even better results.

But there's a massive difference between something not being hard and something being "easy" and that is what trips most wannabe Internet marketers up...

Here's an example:

Split testing isn't glamorous or sexy.

Split testing isn't hard to do.

But it takes effort.  It's not "push button easy".

And because of that 95% of people who try to do online marketing don't split test or they maybe compare just 2 versions and move on.

Writing a blog post isn't hard... but again it takes effort and so it should not be thought of as "Easy".

Stop letting the fact that this stuff isn't "easy" deter you.  Put in the effort, learn it and do it.  


None of this is hard.

It just isn't quick-fix, magic button, instant.  Stop looking for the easy button that you think all of us established marketers have and just get on and DO what we do!

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