Nice traffic and 2000+ email sign ups for $7.

I've been doing a little marketing experiment and the results are pretty cool:  Here's a screen shot from my google analytics on a simple site that took me minutes to set up:1

How did I do it?

Simple I combined the power of a couple of dirt cheap wordpress plugins, a free to use photo and then I paid someone $7 (on a gig site like fiverr) to tell a bunch of people about it by tweeting it and posting it on their facebook... and let it go viral (thanks to the use of a viral plugin).

It's so easy - let me show you...

First of all let me tell you what the site is.  This example is, the page is built using Instabuilder, but you could use any wordpress theme to make a page.  I like Instabuilder because that whole page took me a few minutes - it really is amazingly quick to make sales and squeeze pages using it.  You could also use something like Frank Heywoods 60 second page templates (I love these).

Now my main aim here is to capture email addresses but I have found something to be way more powerful than traditional squeeze pages.

Give them some software but when they download and install it they will need a free license key.  To get that key they have to fill in a form (an email list sign up) and the key is emailed to them.

So the software is a product made with iCurator Pro, but if you didn't want to build this yourself... its actually one of the done-for-you products Jerome Johnson and I offered in one of three packs of 20 give-away brandable software titles.

20 PLR Brandable Software titles Pack 1 20 PLR Brandable Software titles Pack 2 20 PLR Brandable Software titles Pack 3

Now here's the best part... This makes it go viral.

I used WP She's Viral which has just been re-released (I bought it when it was first offered months ago) to lock the download.  This means that to get the download in the first place they had to share the link and have 3 people go to the page from their link.

Believe me... when you make someone do a little work for something, when they get it they won't let one final obstacle (getting the free license key) stand in their way and as a result you pick up subscribers...

It took about 10 days to reach this number of subscribes from the moment I started getting the site shared.

I can now target that list with affiliate offers for lotto systems and generate some income.