Neat Facebook Trick to Drive Traffic to Your Sites and Affiliate Links.

Last week a product came out that changed the way people could promote and drive traffic using Facebook.  But it was quite heavily flawed and was also limited unless you bought a costly upsell.  I am talking about PicRedirect which was one of JVZoo's products of the day. It was a cool way to make any image you wanted to post on facebook redirect to any page of your choice (your own site, an affiliate link, etc).

But there is an alternative and better solution (and this one doesn't just do Facebook)...

At least there is if you have a Windows based computer.

But before I spill the beans on what it is, let's look at what it enables you to do.  This is powerful.


The image above is a post I made on a Facebook page.  (Although this method works for Google+, Pinterest and Linkdin)

In that example I've used a fake video image, but you can put ANY image you like there.

But here is what is different from any other image share on Facebook...

When someone clicks on that image... It redirects them to my web site.  And it does it without the usual Facebook warnings about "leaving facebook and going to an external site".

But I can redirect to ANYWHERE.  It could be to an affiliate link, a CPA offer, any web page, anywhere.

And you will notice that all the links that appear on that post are to my site(s).  This is not the case with PicRedirect and the other solutions that already exist.  They all contain links back to them because they link into a hosted application.

So how did I do it?

I used a cool piece of software created by Curt Crowley.  It's called FB Image Redirect and it is stupid easy to use, doesn't rely on third party apps that are hosted elsewhere (and could fail).  It generates a file that you just upload to your web space (he gives instructions, it's dead easy) and it allows you to create AS MANY of these image redirects as you like.

has come up with a nifty piece of software that achieves the same thing but doesn't have the limitations and is a one time purchase with no upsells or otos (my kinda deal).

You don't have to do the sneaky fake video trick that I did, just use it with ANY image.  So you could find an image that is already being shared widely, and make your own redirect version and post it.

Grab it now before he hikes the price up: