My "screw it" lazy mans SEO approach.

I don't do much search engine optimization. And what I do is minimal (set meta tags or install a free SEO plugin).seo-graphic If I was promoting a local business like a dentist, guest house or a plumber I'd do a lot more - for those kinds of business it's the equivalent to making sure your ad stands out in the yellow pages.

But for selling digital content online it's not the same. There are loads of others people in my niche spending hours of their time and half their ad budget on trying to sneak around Googles latest bitch-slap.

And when they get there the goal posts will move and they'll be back at square one.

For me it's more cost and time effective to pay for traffic and drive it through a lead capture system. And that's what I do for the most part.

And now and again I see a plugin or script pop up that has some possible search engine and social traffic capability.

One such thing popped onto my radar today..

It was cheap as chips so I picked up a copy and installed it on a spare domain I had. In 10 minutes I had this site:

The beauty of it is videois getting hotter, there are built in social share features and there's a lot of keywords from video posts that can get picked up in search engines.

The plugin by the way is for Wordpress and you can get it here.

That's the theme that does most of the work. I've not made mine pretty or put any real time into it yet.

Automate it fully...

Now because I don't want to have to make loads of posts I was going to outsource the posting, but then they offered me a deal on a plugin they do which autoposts videos from the tube sites for you.

It's an extra $37 if you grab it on the OTO (instead of $97) and it means you can automate the whole she-bang.

In total I spent 20 minutes setting up the automation and now its posting videos for me automatically.

I have no idea how well this will work, but for a few dollars I've got a site on a domain that could become a traffic creator for my other sites (you can put ads in, etc - I just haven't yet)

This is the kinda stuff I like to play with. It's been a productive half hour and it might turn out to be a great investment.

The plugin super cheap at the time of writing which is why I'm posting about it now rather than waiting until I've got a load of results. But I honestly think it could be worth a punt.

Check it out.