My honest opinion of Lazy Profit Explosion.


So a product with a very hypey sounding name has just launched and you'll hear a lot about it because Declan Mc and Spencer Perkins are managing the launch and they tend to do a lot of JV butt kissing. They didn't kiss my hairy hindquarters though...

But I asked for review access and went in half expecting it to be a lot of hot-air.

I was wrong. [mylink=""]

It's excellent.

It's a case study for a start, and you know I LOVE case studies.

But what dislike is blind sales copy so I'll tell you right up front what it is.

It's all about using those short ads that get played in front of YouTube videos.

But this really does cover the whole enchilada.

Where to get an ad made super cheap (or free if you get this with my bonus), how to set them up, what to do and more importantly what not to do, etc.

I liked it so much that I put together some awesome bonuses if you pick it up via my link.