Which Do You Have Money Or Excuses?

Money or Excuses... You can’t have both.

That’s a secret I learned early on.

There are two type of people who want to make money online…

Those who have excuses and those who have money.

Maybe right now you’re sat with the losers who have excuses?

“I don’t have the time.”

“I need to get it perfect.”

“I can’t write sales copy/do graphics/do xyz.”

“I can’t afford xyz tool.”

“I don’t like xyz so don’t want to do it.”

“I’m worried what others will say.”

“Whaaaaa whaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaa”

You have a choice.

You can have all those excuses and more…

Or you can have MONEY.

If you don’t want money then this post is a waste of time for you.  Go read the latest J K Rowling dross about wizards or whatever she’s cranking out since quitting doing the Potter books.

Let’s break down some of those bullshit excuses and look at why there is no good reason to ever utter one of them.

“I don’t have the time.”

I don’t care how much or how little time you have to work at building an online business, the chances are whatever you are spending on it you are wasting.

How many hours are you wasting on Facebook, YouTube, Checking pointless emails.

It’s amazing how many people I talk to that insist they are devoting 4 hours a day or more to “working on their online business” and yet they’ve not managed to produce sellable content, build a list or make any money.

This is because they fill the time with things that look like they are work.  Sure they’ll call it research, networking or come up with some other way to put lipstick on the pig, but if what they’re doing isn’t making money… they are not doing “Internet Marketing”.

Then there are those who want to start something part time but all they are really prepared to invest is the dregs of their time.  A few minutes here, a few moments on a laptop with a soap opera on in the background, etc.

Guess what – business needs investment.  Time and money.  You can do it with very little money, but you’ll need to spend more of your time on it… And you can do it with less time and invest more cash into it (outsourcing, etc).  But…

You can’t do it with no time and no money.  And if anyone tells you different – they are lying to you (probably because they are trying to sell you their latest push button software that will do it all for you for just $197).

If you honestly believe there is some magic software that you can buy and push a button and it will make you a load of cash you are a freaking idiot.

So the first thing you need to do is commit some TIME in which you will take REAL Action.

When I got started (a long time ago now), I did it part time.  I decided that this mattered and so I dumped things that were not productive.  I cut my television watching to an hour a day on week days (down from at least 4 hours a day) and 2 hours at weekends.  I stopped playing video games during the evenings and only allowed myself an hour or two on them at weekends.

I didn’t go out to the pub as much as I used to, etc.

Recreation is important – all work and no play will tear you apart and make you function less effectively.  But I knew the sacrifices would be short term.  And sure enough when I got to be “full time” at this I now enjoy the perks of the IM lifestyle…

I get to go to the movies in the day when it’s quiet because the rat race are all at work, I hang out in coffee shops, I take longer vacations, etc.  But before I could do those things… I made short term sacrifices that would guarantee me the lifestyle I wanted in the future.

“I need to get it perfect.”

Like Seth Godin says… You need to be PROLIFIC, not perfect.

Perfection is an illusion that will hold you back and destroy your dreams.  The sad thing is that most folk won’t notice how it has killed their success until it’s too late.

I’ve had clients come to me for coaching who start off telling me about the product they’ve already got in development and when I dig into it I find they’ve been working on it for 6 months or more.  Or they’ve completed it but they can’t get the launch/funnel process perfect and they keep adding to it, running away to create another bonus or add-on.

90% of the products I release are created in under a week.  Most in a day or two.  The ones that don’t fit that mould are usually things born out the success of a rapidly created product.

I can only put products out so quickly because I don’t strive for the non-existent perfection.  Why try to achieve something that doesn’t exist?

Is this book perfectly written with perfect grammar?  Unlikely.

Are there likely to be some minor mistakes (spelling, structure etc.)?  Yes.

Have you bought and paid for it?  YES!

And because the content delivers on what I claimed it would you won’t mind if it’s not grammatically perfect and even if you’re a grammar Nazi, because the content is going to help you achieve your goals you’ll probably turn a blind eye.

I hope the grammar is correct and that basic typos have been noticed before publishing, but I’m not going to do anything more that my usual proof reading before I send it to the printers.  Because as long as I’ve conveyed the promised message it’s more important that the content is in your hands and I’ve started getting paid!

This is a “how-to”, “self-help” style of book and not a novel that I hope to win a Booker prize for.  The faster I get this teaching onto the page and into your hands the better for you and because I don’t paid until it’s released… it’s best for me too.

So going for the illusion of perfection will only fail us both.  No one wins and that sucks.

“I can’t write sales copy/do graphics/do xyz.”

You can’t do everything or be great at everything.  What you cannot do – outsource.  If you can’t afford to outsource it then learn to do a “good enough” job to start with!

Often there are tools that you can invest in that will help you do things.  For example I suck at graphic design and while I outsource most of it, sometimes I need a graphic quickly so it doesn’t hold a product up.  So I have tools like Logo Creator and YouZign which are low cost tools that make creating graphics (that are good-enough) so easy that even I can do it.

If you can’t write sales copy and can’t afford to outsource it – buy a template or a software program like Sales Letter Engine that guides you through the process using a fill in the blank wizard.

A lot of successful marketers when they started out wrote awful sales copy.  But guess what?  It still made some sales.  It still was “good enough” to put some money in their bank and then a few launches later they could afford to pay someone to write really great copy for them.

And if you can’t outsource or learn to it… find someone who can do that part and partner with them!

Ask on forums, etc.  Write, Skype, Private message and phone people.  Yes it takes some time and effort but if you REALLY want this – DO IT.

“I can’t afford xyz tool.”

The answer to this pretty much depends upon what kind of tool you’re talking about and how important it is to your business.

If you’re serious about Internet business then is pretty clear are some tools you just can’t afford to be without. And in many cases, when a particular tool is outside of your price range, there’s no reason why you can’t find a cheaper alternative - at least to get you started with.

For example; you may need a screen recording tool such as Camtasia, and Camtasia might be well outside your price range, but there are clearly cheaper alternatives on the market, and while they might not be as good, they will certainly get you started.

My first screen recording tool was a cheap one that costs less than $30, and I was able to use that to make products which I could then sell and when I began to make a profit I reinvested that profit into a better screen recording tool. Eventually the outlay the Camtasia was well within my reach and I purchased it.

There are obviously some products or services that are a must have your business. For example an auto responder service is vital if you’re in the Internet marketing game. Thankfully many of these services have a low-cost way of getting started.

You can never let the price of a product or service be the cause you not doing what you want doing your business. You may have to think outside the box a little, compromise for a little while, or do something else that will bring in the sort of money you need to buy the products and services that your business requires.

The key thing here is that this is a business. And there is no business that you can start with absolutely nothing and run with absolutely nothing. Businesses take investment and if you’re serious about your business then you will invest.

I’m not suggesting for one moment that you should go into debt, however when I started my business and I needed tools to get me started I did use credit cards. Another friend of mine didn’t have that luxury he literally had very little money and didn’t have a line of credit to use, so he approach things differently, by using free tools and building his business more slowly.

Either way is fine but what you must understand is that you can’t do it quickly and for free. There is a balance of time and money, if you can put more money into your business you will need to invest less time (generally speaking) and if you don’t have as much money you can usually invest more time to compensate.

Just don’t buy into the lie that you can start an Internet business and make it hugely profitable from day one with very little investment of time or money. That just isn’t true.

“I don’t like xyz so don’t want to do it.”

There are going to be things about this business that you don’t like. For some it will be big funnels, OTO’s, upsell’s, the JV game, the way launches are done, the way bonuses are offered, the way big marketers seem to all prop each other up, etc.

The thing is, there’s a reason that marketers use these techniques. There is that they work.

Having said that, rules are made to be broken. And it is often in the breaking of these rules, testing and tweaking new ideas that new and innovative marketing ideas are born. And if you happen to come up with one of these, you should probably write a report about it and sell it.

No one is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do. The important thing is that you consider your bottom line when making any decision about using or not using a particular marketing technique. The numbers speak for themselves, and sometimes you need to put personal opinion aside because your business is to turn a good profit.

At the same time, if you don’t like the way launches are done then do yours differently!

The key here is, that you are still doing it. You are still doing something. You are still launching a product. In other words, just don’t fall into the trap of not doing anything because you don’t like one particular aspect of the business. Either suck it up and do it anyway, or do something different but still launch your product.

It’s only by getting your products out there that you make any money and that’s what the Internet marketing business is all about when all is said and done.

“I’m worried what others will say.”

I almost didn’t put this one in here. But decided to because it’s the one thing I see holding so many people up and causing so many would-be marketers to make huge mistakes when it comes to launching their products or services.

The sooner you learn to accept that you can’t please everybody all of the time, and that sometimes you’re going upset people, annoy people, or just catch a little bit of flak, the sooner you start making real profits.

And in reality, most other people really don’t care what it is you’re doing and how it is you’re running your business. Most of those that complain on forums and whine about the way you do things I really only complaining because I haven’t got the balls to get off their backsides and do it for themselves. It’s easy to criticise others when you’re not actually take yourself.

This is the one drawback of hanging around on Internet marketing forums. While there are many good and genuine people on the forums, there are also an awful lot of whiners, moaners and idiots.

Many of those just do everything they can to pull other people down and pick on other people’s launches and other people’s ideas because they just haven’t got what it takes to actually do it themselves.

On one of the really popular Internet marketing forums there’s a guy who seems to think it’s his job to police every special offer run that involves stock photos.

So as soon as a new offer is posted he’s all over the thread questioning it and trying to trip the original thread poster up. It’s only when you go and look at the launches this guy has done himself that you realise he’s just a big failure and his comments and posts all over the forum I made only out of trying to gain a sense of self-importance.

The problem is some people take these things personally. And others actually let it stop them from doing the things that will make their business money.

Don’t let total losers like that steal your thunder.