Microsoft announce Office for Windows 10 Will only be offered for sale for 10 days in total.

In a shock announcement today, computer giant Microsoft said that when Office for Windows 10 is released in August 2015 it will only be on sale for 10 days and then it will be withdrawn. This means users will have from the 3rd August through to the 14th August 2015 to pick up a copy of the Office suite. After that it will be taken off sale completely and users who want the latest version will have to wait until 2016 when it will be relaunched at a much higher price.

They have been advised by top Internet marketers that this "you snooze you lose" scarcity tactic will mean they make greater sales in the long run.

OK, this is of course nonsense.

So why do so many in the IM world think this is a good strategy? Do they think they can reach their whole target audience in one 10 day time frame (40 days if you include the pre launch, the pre-pre launch, etc)?

Do they think that after that there is no chance of someone else coming along wanting it?

This practice is just plain stupid. Don't do it!