Lead Shocker looks shocking - save your money!

I've had a bunch of emails promoting "Lead Shocker".  Which makes me wonder if any of those mailing their lists have tried using it?

Quite frankly, if they had... they would not be suggesting anyone buy it.

As usual 95% of those who send out emails are only interested in grabbing your money and don't care what doggy doo they promote.

No wonder the world of IM has a stinky reputation!

 I knew it stank the moment I got asked to consider it and was sent a link to their JV page.  On that page they were using it... This is the useless convo I had with it...

And I think the last thing it says to me sums up their opinion of customers!

Now it's launched there are other examples of it's excellent ability of pissing off prospects, here is a conversation I had with it today:

My advice - Don't make prospects suffer this sort of crap, you'll lose them!  So save your money!

And if you want something **REALLY* good to spend your money on then for $10 this is a game-changer (and I hate using the term "game changer!").  It's a 50 page report that shows how to make big profits from tiny lists.  I give it my highest recommendation:  Tiny List, Big Profits Download