It's Saturday and I'm working???

saturdaymorning It's the summer holidays and the kids are all off school so I've taken a bit of time out over the week to do things with them.  But I like to keep my hours in on my business and so as I was at a loose end this morning I've come into my office.

I actually want to test a lead generation idea out a little further.  I've been doing a few tests and recording the results this week and I'll share them with you all in the next day or two.

One thing that caught my eye this morning was an email from someone promoting an affiliate offer.  The product in question is "Powerpoint Speak Easies" and I'm not promoting it but I do suggest you take a look and get inspired by it!

When you boil down what it actually is, it's a series of animated GIF's but he's put a clever spin on it by calling them "Powerpoint Speak Easies".  In reality you could use them in anything, but if he did a more general pitch he would just be selling "some GIF's".  Take a look for yourself!

I'm not for one moment suggesting you copy his idea, but you can model the concept.  Think about it, even if you're no good at graphics you could outsource the images necessary pretty cheaply.  Someone on Fiverr would probably do a deal on creating several in one hit.   Then you just use a GIF animation tool, of which there are many available for free, put the spin on it and you've got a kick ass product!

People are lapping these up, hell I'm probably going to pick them up myself and plus I want to see what else he does in his sales funnel.  You can always learn a lot from going through someones funnel.

So this weekend, as you chill and relax, have a think.  What simple idea could you take and spin into a hot selling product?

It's really not as hard as you think