If you owned a high street shop would you leave it unlocked and unattended?


When it comes to online business your websites are your shop fronts.  They are the real estate, albeit digital, where you showcase your offers, establish your brand and generate profits. If you were a traditional "bricks and mortar" business where you had a shop on the high street you wouldn't dream of leaving the place unattended and wide open would you?

Of course not.  Even if theft wasn't an issue, I strongly suspect when you came back the place would be vandalised.

So why would you do that with your website? [mylink="http://jvz9.com/c/6374/242135"]

If you use WordPress as many of us do for your blogs or sales sites then you need to know just how ridiculously vulnerable your site is to hackers and general internet scum bags.

But the good news is...

It's easy to fix.

Watch this video that shows just how easy it is to break a WordPress site that already has some security installed...

Watch Us Hack A LIVE WordPress Site ...With Top Security Plugins Running

And on the same page see how simple it is to resolve!

You're welcome!