If you miss the potential you miss the profits.

How missing the potential in something left $2630+ in profits sat on the table...

The big problem with special offer market places like the Warrior forum is that they end up generating a feeling among would-be entrepreneurs that everything should be cheap.  I am amazed at the times when I've released $47 WSO's on products worth hundreds of dollars and I've seen the numbnuts on there say things like "ohh a bit expensive for me".

A little while ago I released a product called iCurator that built multimedia front ends that could be used as products.  I kept getting asked if I would consider writing a branding tool for it so that people could sell plr-brandable versions of the products they made with it.

It was a lot of work but there was clearly a demand.  I told people from the get-go that if I did a brander it wouldn't be cheap as it was a lot of work and it had a far smaller potential market than the base product.

I finally made it available and set the price at $197 for the brander upgrade.

The reaction left me stunned...My goodness you'd had thought I'd personally gone around peoples houses and taken a dump on their doorstep.

To be fair there were quite a few who saw the potential and jumped on it right away and they started making money from it almost as quickly.

But the core of whiners who think everything should sell for $9.90 or $17 all just sat there moaning about the price.

The thing was I had already proven the potential of the brander when I JV'd with Jerome Johnson and put out a package of 20 really simple viral softwares in evergreen niches with branding tools.  And we literally cranked them all out between us in a few hours flat.

Here's what we made (and this was just WSO sales before any official launch)...

About $1500 of that was paid to affiliates, and you can subtract $40 for the wso listing fee.  Now if you take out the total cost of iCurator and its branding tool ($267 as a bundle) you still show a profit of $2630

And don't forget after that you still own the software used to build this so when you launch a volume 2 and a volume 3 (as we have done... and vol 4 will happen soon) you have hardly any costs but a massively powerful profit stream.

Making money online without any investment is a myth.  The investment has to be a mix of time and money and the less money you invest the more time it will take.  Equip yourself with the tools that will get the job done and do it - you will make money.