I love stuff like this.

I have a mastermind call once a week with a few other marketers, all 6 figure guys and we bounce around ideas and discuss what we're testing.

Today we were on the topic of email strategies and list building and sharing some neat stuff.  Most of what we bounce around is stuff we have heard about in case studies and we then pull it apart and jam other ideas into the mix.
I get better at what I do from three things:
1) Hanging out with other successful marketers.
2) Devouring what other successful guys are doing by reading their case studies.  I can then take the bits I like and... 3) DO and TEST - then rinse and repeat and scale up what works.
And I reduce the chances of stuff not working by grabbing stuff by guys with a proven track record.
David Eisner is one of those who has a proven record and he has released an amazing work on Email marketing.  https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/m89kn/0