How to Make all your sites SSL for Free (even if you're on shared hosting)

These days it's becoming more and more important to have Secure Server Licenses for all your domains and sites (so you can access them on https). There's loads of reasons to do this ranging from the obvious "it's more secure" to "it significantly improves your SEO".

  • It makes customers and visitors feel safer.
  • Facebook insist on it if you want to load pages or apps.
  • Google recently announced it now uses https as a ranking signal
  • Makes your sites less vulnerable to hacking attempts.

The only reason more of us don't use https for our sites is that (until now) it involves buying certificates and then going through a horrible installation process.

And then if you are on shared hosting, you often can't get the necessary dedicated IP's and other stuff.

But techie guru and all round nice guy Curt Crowley has found a solution that will let you make all your sites https secure, without buying certificates and without going through complex installation procedures.

This less than four minute video explains everything:

He is offering a set of no-fluff, easy to follow, newbie/non-techie friendly training videos that walk you through the entire process.

There's no upsells or oto's. One tiny payment gets you full access and the ability to secure unlimited sites.

I got this and will be locking down all my sites this way!