How to learn to make WordPress Plugins.

I get asked a lot about how to go about learning to make WordPress plugins.  I usually point people towards courses on Udemy and when they see how many hours of learning it is... They give up. But I came across a tool this week that makes learning much easier, it does 80% of the heavy lifting for you and you could make money with this while you learn.

Click here to check out WP Code Builder

Now if you have never even looked at code (like HTML, etc) then this isn't going to help you as much because you do need to have at least a basic understanding of how code "works".

But if you've tweaked HTML pages, looked at the occasional PHP file, etc - this could work for you.

Even I've picked up a copy as an experienced coder because it makes things so much easier.  And the tutorials you get with it are crystal clear.

For $17 (it's on special offer at the time of writing) this is well worth picking up.