Can you REALLY "drag and drop" a book together and publish it in as little as 30 minutes?


When I spotted that Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum were touting a course that claimed to teach anyone how to create profitable books and publish them is as little as 30 minutes my curiosity was peeked to say the least.

There is no doubt that publishing is a great income stream but almost no one does it because it takes the one thing none of us have enough of...


So if you really could "drag and drop" a book together in half an hour it would remove that massive roadblock.

And to be fair my first reaction was "30 minutes has to be BS".

The truth is, the first one you do will take longer because you'll be learning and setting up some templates (all easy stuff).  But even then you'll probably crank out your first winner in a couple of hours.

And every one after that will be even quicker.

Imagine how good it will feel to publish a book a week...

And it's actually possibly to crank out multiple titles a day if you really hammered away at it.

They've hacked one of the most common Office Apps, and have created a book publishing machine with Publisher’s Power Tool:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000443_00041]

In depth, clear, concise and easy to follow...

A lot of training courses and manuals these days are a little on the "thin" side to say the least.  But this isn't the sort of trash the normal IM crowd are pumping out.  I honestly believe that even if you have no experience of publishing on platforms like Kindle and Createspace you could follow this and create books that people want to buy.

And best of all...

You don't need to be good at writing.  Because they focus on a really simple kind of book that are in huge demand (and it isn't colouring books!)

It's not a mega secret, they are up front about it all on their website:  Click Here to Check It Out.

In fact on that page they pretty much spell out the whole thing, but believe me, the PDF and videos they supply make mastering this a breeze.

Just think, in a couple of hours from now you could be ready to start earning your first income from simple, in demand books and with no direct selling, no affiliate recruiting and butt munching, just create and publish to busy marketplaces - perfect eh?

Download the Publisher's Power Tool Here.