Have you fulfilled your IM goals for 2015?

You know the ones you set this time last year for the year ahead? If not then here is my top tip...

Pull the fucking trigger.

Stop letting what-ifs and fear hold you back. I mean really... what is the worse that can happen?

It doesn't do as well as you wanted and you only make $100 - that's a hundred more than you make by not pulling the trigger.


Some people pick on your product/launch... you know what, no matter who you are and how good you are you're gonna get haters and trolls. Guess what? They are not making any money either!


"I might have some technical problems..." Let me reassure you, it's not a case of might - you almost certainly will. And you know what? As they come up you address them.

I get it... it is FAR easier to make excuses and find reasons NOT to do something.

If you've not made the money you wanted to in 2015... answer me this... how many products have you personally launched this year? If you login to your Warrior Plus, JVZoo, Clickbank, Deal Guardian, and whatever other gateways you use and you count up the number... I guarantee there is a direct link between that number and how much money you pulled in.

Drops the Mic.