Has this old dog learnt some new tricks?


It turns out some old dogs can learn new tricks. In this particular case I’m referring to myself.  And the trick I learned is a new way to build web pages and create funnels.

You see, I’m old school.  I first learned to build pages back when the only way was with HTML codes and a text editor.  Then I discovered tools like DreamWeaver and Expression Web that made things easier.

Then when WordPress became the “in-thing” I resisted but eventually crossed to the dark side and used various page builder plugins.

But they all had some limitation with layout, mainly because they still used “blocks” - a throwback to the fact HTML traditionally achieves any layout worth a look with tables and cells...

So when Covertri came along I thought “oh look, yet another page builder”, but thankfully a friend convinced me to pony up the cash and at least try it out.

And here’s the crazy thing…

I hate any other page builder I try to use now because none of them are truely as free-form, “drag stuff anywhere” as Convertri is.

Over the past few weeks it has smashed all the reasons I had for not using it.

  • It’s pages load FAST.  Way faster than I can achieve with a Wordpress page builder and faster than an HTML page hosted on my VPS.
  • You can build faster than I ever thought possible.  Want that image 2 pixels to the left, no problem - just drag it!  No blocks, no columns, no limitations!
  • Want to put text over an image?  Just drag it there.
  • Want a super slick and modern video background?  Two clicks and you got it!

And the good news is, they’ve recently re-opened Convertri for sale (after their initial launch they closed it for a while so they could make improvements and look after the customers they had).

And the better news?

I have a secret link that will take a whopping $200 off the annual price and you can lock that saving in for life.

This old dog has seen the light and adopted the Convertri way of doing things.  I strongly recommend you take a look at it too!