Goodbye Tune-Up Utilities... Hello System Mechanic.

For the last five years I have used Tune Up Utilities to help keep my office PC's running at peak performance.  But last year it was announced they had been taken over by AVG and I knew that meant it would most likely become a giant piece of bloatware. So I didn't pay the upgrade fee for the 2015 version and over the past few months didn't feel the 2014 version was cutting it anymore.

It was time to do some research.  It was interesting to see that many other Tune Up users had felt the same way.  Some on forums actually tried the 2015 version and did not say favourable things about it.

After reading many trusted reviews (not the ones on made up review sites where they just want a commission) it seemed that "System Mechanic" by Iolo repeatedly came out on top.

So I gave their free version I try.  I was glad I did.

First of all it is a far smaller, faster program.  Secondly it found and fixed things that Tune Up didn't even detect.

I whipped out my credit card and upgraded to the paid version pretty quickly.

My PC is running much smoother and faster and it's fixed thousands of registry issues.  I am NOT an affiliate for this.  I make nothing out of telling you about it.  Just wanted to pass on my findings.

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