Viral Marketing for 2014/15

I recently took part in one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns of all time. And there is a damn good chance you did too! I'm referring to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  I'll get to my point in a moment, but for those who want to see me tipping freezing cold ice water on my head, here is the video from August 19th 2014...

Whether you are a fan of the fund raiser or not it was a genius viral campaign and it highlights the power of viral marketing.

And that got me to thinking... "Viral Marketing" was a huge buzzword 2002 - 2007 (roughly) but these days it's just another strand of marketing.

So I took a fresh look at it and have written a report called "Creating Unstoppable, Out-Of-Control Viral Marketing Campaigns in 2014/15.".  It's available for just $10 from my products page.