Earn 34.81% More By Being Specific

Thanks to all the little electronic gizmos we carry around, plus instant messaging, tweets, soundbites and so forth, it's getting more and more difficult to capture interest and attention. But one little trick for riveting eyeballs is easy to use and surprisingly effective – specificity. Next time you're writing a headline, don't say “How To Earn More Money.” Instead, write  “How To Earn $2,387.54 In The Next 168 Hours.” See the difference?

Try to make sure when you write your content is useful, ultra-specific, unique and urgent. If you can incorporate all four of these qualities into your headline, you will grab attention faster than 36 raging monkeys on a double expresso high who haven't eaten since last Tuesday.

Not only that, but being specific makes your content believable. It lends you instant credibility. Heck, 82.8% of all web users instantly believe statistics. :-)

One more thing, as illustrated by that last sentence – don't make things up. 34.07% of people hate when you make things up, so while you're being specific, also make certain you're being accurate.