Don't waste your time farting in a fish bowl.

I scan through the Warrior forum (and a few others) now and then, just to keep up with what's going on and because you can get great product ideas from listeniGoldfish-have-great-memoryng to what people are struggling with. But I don't get drawn into debate on these forums.  Not because I am scared of giving my opinions but because it's the equivalent of being a goldfish and farting in your fishbowl.

In the grand scheme of things no one really cares, it's just a bunch of moot whining and ranting most of the time and there are better uses of your time.

If I do reply these days it's usually a 2 or 3 line post referring to a blog post I made, a free piece of software that I create, etc.  Something relevant but that gets people looking at my site.

So by all means go fishing in the fishbowl... that can be profitable.  But don't waste your time flapping about with the other fish because all you're achieving is making little bubbles that no one gives a toot about.