Don't buy a Wordpress Security Plugin, the best solution is free.

It seems every day I get a new email about the latest Wordpress security plugin or an ebook or course on how to lock down your Wordpress installation against hackers. The reality is that Wordpress sites are easy to hack and there are a million hackers running automated programs to search out sites powered by Wordpress and try to hack them for fun or profit.

But you don't need to spend $30 on a report about it, or $20 - $200 on a plugin. You can get an excellent security plugin for free.

Now its fair to say that most of the free security plugins on offer aren't much good and offer little protection, but this one is different.

By far the best security plugin I have found (and I have tried a lot) is called Better WP Security.

Tt's in the standard Wordpress plugin repository, just go to "Add new plugin" in your Wordpress set-up and search for it.  It's quick and easy to install and really well documented.