Don't be twattish...

Anyone who has been doing any form of e-commerce for a while will know that although on the whole most customers are decent, courteous, reasonable people... From time to time you will come across one that can only be described as a "dick." I often wonder if these people act the way they do because of ignorance, bad experiences in the past or perhaps they are just thicker than a pound cake and are incapable of reading.

Here's my most recent example of the kind of cock-womble I mean...


This chap who has managed to get as far as setting up a limited company (so they must be able to read,  because that's a chunk of paperwork) purchased a product and it's one time offer, both which come with a 30 day no quibble, no questions money back guarantee.

Clearly this genius doesn't just know about prosperity and growth but they're amazing fast at evaluating a product because in under 20 minutes they've decided it's not for them.

Now the correct and easy thing to do... Just fire me an email or open a support ticket.  Do that and you'll probably have your refund within a couple of hours at that time of day.

But nope.

Although that would be easier, this chocolate teapot decides to open two separate PayPal disputes.

At this point he would have been shown my customer support message that is set up in PayPal alongside their reminder that the dispute process is a last resort if you have not had a response or satisfactory outcome from the seller.

Here is the message that is shown to them (along with a contact email address and telephone number):


Now it should be said that 99% of people who get to the dispute page and see this do follow the advice and they get their refund or their problem resolved and I strongly recommend you set up this message if you are doing business online.  It can be found under "My Selling Preferences" in your PayPal profile and will certainly reduce the number of disputes you get from people who just don't know any different.

Sadly it won't stop neanderthals with computers like my friend Phillip here (I assume that's his name as one of his email addresses is philipp.dupuis@gmail[dot]com - the other is pros.growth@gmail[dot]com should you want to pop him on your personal blacklist) who either can't read or consider themselves too important and figure that such instructions don't apply to them.

All Captain Self-Important has really achieved here is to get himself added to a shared marketers blacklist which will make it tricky for him to purchase products from literally hundreds of vendors and also to delay actually getting his money back.

As I said at the outset, people like this are in the minority.  But if you've ever been tempted to file a dispute instead of sending a quick email to a vendor or opening a ticket... Just remember that you're probably shooting yourself in the foot.