Do you sell a high ticket product? Here's how to sell more of it!

Let's say you've got a $997 course. How can you sell more of these courses to people who have just joined your list? Here's how one big time marketer does it. First, he promises a free report in exchange for your name and email address. Nothing new about that, right?

But on the following page, he offers to physically mail a copy of the report to you. And with the report he'll enclose an hour long DVD of a live recording on the topic.

In this case, it's from a recent seminar he held. But you could simply enclose the first hour of your paid course.

If the prospect wants the report and DVD mailed to him, he fills out a form with his physical address and phone number.

Naturally, when the report and DVD are mailed out, a sales letter for the $997 product is also enclosed, along with a deadline to get the special price. It's made clear that the DVD is just the tip of the iceberg and that the full information is found in the big course.

Within a week of the package being received by the prospect, a follow up phone call is made to see what the prospect thought of the DVD. If they haven't watched it yet, the caller politely asks when the recipient will get to it, and arranges to call back afterward, just to find out what they thought.

The caller then asks what they thought, how it might apply to the person's business, what their goals might be, etc. If the prospect has not yet purchased the course, they're reminded of the deadline to get the special price. And if price is an objection, a 3-part payment plan is offered.

It's a very non-pushy phone call, one that anyone – even a non-salesperson - could make.

Of course, if you're uncomfortable on the phone, you can hire someone to make the calls for you.

Naturally, some sales will be made without a phone call. But in my experience, adding the follow up call will greatly increase sales.

And if you're hiring someone to make the calls, you can put them on commission.

How many $997 courses can you sell using this method? That depends, of course. But the bottom line is, you'll sell a lot more than if you don't use a system like this.

But we're not finished yet...

Or at least, we don't have to be finished. Because you can actually add another step to this system that pays you IMMEDIATELY.

Think about that – if you're getting enough money up front using this system, you can actually pay to advertise your free report, using the upfront money to pay for it.

This means you can send an unlimited stream of traffic to your free report page without going into debt.

And of course the real profit comes from your $997 product sales.

So what's this next and final step in the system?

After someone fills out the address form to get the report and DVD mailed to them, you offer them a trial offer of your membership, or another, related product.

The trial offer of your membership is best, because it's ongoing income. For example, maybe you have a $47-$197 a month membership. Offer them the first month for $19.99.

Set it up right and you'll get enough of these sales to pay for mailing your free reports and to pay for advertising your initial squeeze page.

This is a system that - once you get it set up – can pay you dividends for years to come.

In fact, a system offering the right products with the right sales copy could make a person millions.

Think about it. I don't know what niche you're in, but if it's one where people routinely spend big money, give this some serious thought.