Damn - I nearly passed this by. Why you MUST grab Vpages

I check out dozens of products every day. This is one that on first look I just didn't get. It's not that I couldn't see the value, but I just felt I could do what it does with other plugins and tools that I already own.  So I looked at the sales page, thought "that's nice" and then closed it.

Thankfully a couple of awesome marketing friends (thanks to Mark and Steve) were messaging me on Skype about this and made me go look again.

I decided to toss the $7.99 at it so I could try it out.  Within a couple of minutes I was sold.

If time is money this is like swapping $8 for $1000!

Here's a video I've done with it (really did take under 30 seconds to put the page up) where I explain more about why you should jump on this before the price goes up.

Click Here for my video (page done with Vpages)