Could this be the key to getting Product of the Day or WSO of the day awarded to your product?

I have often been asked how I get so many of my products awarded "Product of the Day" by JVZoo or "WSO of the day" by Warrior+.  In fact some of the guys in my Skype room refer to me as "The POTD King". There is no "big secret" but I have spotted a number of things that swing the chances in your favor and in this post I'm going to spill the beans on a few of them.

Product Type

Firstly if you spend any time analyzing the various product of the days you will quickly notice that a high proportion of them fall into the software category.  That is they are desktop software, WordPress plugins (or themes), web scripts (such as PHP) and so forth.

This is because software still has a higher perceived value than a PDF report or a video based training course.  Software usually ticks all the buying emotion boxes, it saves time and money, makes something easier and can be downloaded giving that instant gratification.

The reason it maintains its high value perception is because people believe software can only be created by talented geeky programmer sorts, but that's because they're not aware of tools like Software Product Magic or iCurator that enable non programmers to create hot selling software products quickly and easily.  And if they are aware of such tools they dismiss them as too simplistic or get hung up on the fact that software made with them has to follow a certain layout.

If they had a marketers brain they would know that those supposed "limitations" can actually be put across as selling points.

In fact a massive number of POTD awards and WSOOTD have gone to products created with one of those tools.  Here's a few recent ones..

Social App Creator - When I rewrote this I did it with Software Product Magic (SPM).  It's sold over 1000 units and is one of the few products that's been awarded both WSO of the day and JVZoo Pick of the day.

Web 3.0 Site Builder - Adam Jacksons top selling site building tool (over 1000 units and JVZoo POTD) is built with a mix of SPM and iCurator.

Easy Funnel Maker - Barry Rodgers excellent SPM product,

List Building in a box - Another by Barry Rodgers

Mobile Taste Maker - By Bolaji O.

Plus many more from the likes of David Cisneros, Rick Roberts, etc.

All of these were desired software products that were made without any real programming, so don't play the "I can't write software" card as an excuse!  I have been preaching for years now that "Simple Software Sells" and I've proved it over and over again.

Initial Sales Stats play a key part.

The second thing that is key part in getting these awards is that the early sales stats really make a difference.  If the early conversion rates and sales figures look good then it stands to reason that those who give the awards are going to be more easily swayed towards your product, after all they are going to pocket some nice commissions from the sale of these things.

This is a good reason to add some scarcity to your offer and give big incentives for early buyers.  I have often set up products with the first 100 copies at an even crazier low price just to get an initial surge and super high conversion rate.  You don't have to use a dime sale as a dime sale!  You can just as easily take a product that will sell for $47 and turn on the dime sale settings so that the price starts at $27 and increases by $20 every 100 sales maxing out at $47.  This basically means the first 100 copies are $27 and all sales after that are $47.  It creates a noticeable frenzy at the start and that can really help your chances.

Bribes work.

This is business, it's all about the moolah for the guys picking these products!  So give them a better commission rate!  Simple but it works.

I'll be covering some more methods and tips on this in an upcoming webinar for Uncensored Members, but these will get you going in the right direction.