Could this be the beginning of the end for JVZoo?

Remember when Warrior Plus had the market share on WSO payment buttons, and then they got complacent and JVZoo was able to storm in with the features sellers wanted, fairer pricing, and so on? And so now JVZoo has market share of the IM market place.  But might it be getting complacent now?

Zaxaa, the new kid on the block has been quietly adding killer features, features that sellers, affiliates and partners REALLY want.  And while the JVZoo guys might be the rock stars who get Vanilla Ice (yeah that really famous dude from err the 80's?) it really won't take much for Zaxaa to take over the market.

Here are a few reasons why Zaxaa could take over...

1) JVZoo adds YOUR customers to THEIR mailing list and sends them follow up and promotional emails with their own affiliate link... Zaxaa doesn't.

2) Zaxaa handles VAT/Sales Tax properly.  If you are based anywhere in the EU this is really important.  Sure you might not have hit the VAT threshold yet, but when you do you need to know you can handle the collection of VAT with all the crazy EU rules.  JVZoo has a tick box for VAT but it doesn't do anything!  It just tells people the sale includes VAT.  This means if you run a product on 100% (or even 80%) commissions and are VAT registered you LOSE MONEY ON  EVERY SALE.  Because the commissions are paid on the total amound and you still have to hand 20% over to the tax man.  Believe me, I lost a lot of money because I believed ticking the box marked "collect EU VAT" on JVZoo would actually... errr collect the VAT?!

3) Zaxaa has an automatic way of adding affiliates to your JV mailing list with any of the main autoresponder providers.

4) Zaxaa handles JV partnerships properly.  Example: You partner up with John for the Stamp Collecting product, on a 50-50 profit sharing basis. John is the one who sets up the product inside Zaxaa for sale (i.e. John is the seller). John adds you as a partner using our Partnership feature.

With JVZoo only the seller (John) can see how well the product is selling (i.e. product stats).  Zaxaa has a way to let the partner see everything John sees for this partnership product, as though you’re the seller.

5) Zaxaa is quicker, easier and more intuitive to set up and when you do get stuck their support reacts quickly.  Compared to JVZoo who seem to take ages to reply to tickets and most sellers know that if you want a response you have to shout on their Facebook page so that one of the Brians gets on it.

6) JVZoo's features sometimes just don't work.  For example I was made a "premium affiliate" which means if I ask to promote a product and the seller hasn't turned off the premium feature I should get auto approved.  But I don't, I never have and support always fob me off with "that seller must have it turned off". They don't - I've checked!

The bottom line is I still like JVZoo.  It still has the IM market share as a platform.  But quietly in the background Zaxaa is getting better and better and putting in the features that real businesses need and want.

Zaxaa already has a marketplace, it's just hard to navigate, but they'll get there with it and when they do... we could see sellers start to defect and when the JV boards start filling up with people selling through "Zaxaa", more affiliates will catch on and begin scanning their marketplace for stuff to sell and if that happens... JVZoo could go the way of Warrior Plus.  Remember Warrior Plus?  No not many do these days!