Check Lists, Cheat Sheets and Action Plans and How to Profit from them.


It always amazes me that people struggle to come up with lead magnets that people WANT to get hold of and will gladly enter their best email address or even pay a small fee to be able to download.

I think a lot of people fall into the trap of equating the "number of pages" with value.  

But the truth is...

No one cares if your "ebook" or report is 100 pages or 3 pages...

As long as it solves the problem they came to you with.

In fact if you are anything like me, I just want the solution as quickly and efficiently as possible and in a clear and concise format.  I don't want to have to wade through 44 pages of fluff and filler that the writer thought they better to do in order to make their thing look big.

Recently a few marketers, myself included, have capitalized on the idea of presenting ideas as a "cheat sheet"

Barb Ling has had tremendous success offering a cheat sheet type product as a low ticket front end product and leading into the sale of a fuller more detailed report as an upsell.

Another marketer to really run with the whole cheat sheet idea is Alessandro Zamboni and I have to say, I really love his method of using them.  In one example he added over 1000 new subscribers to his list and pocketed $400+ as a result of offering people the free download of a cheat sheet!  And best of all, everything he did was easy, straightforward and easily duplicatable.

Think about it...

You don't even have to be able to write well!

Because at their heart, a cheat sheet is a collated list of links.  

If you can copy and paste, you can put together a cheat sheet.

One piece of solid advice...

I personally feel the term "cheat sheet" has been a little over-done in the Internet Marketing niche, but you're a marketer right?  So reposition it as a "check list", or a "fast action plan", or a "quick start research paper", etc.

Of course outside the IM niche the term cheat sheet will probably work like gang busters.  (HINT: Split test baby!)

Let's go back to Alessandro who I mentioned above...

Because he has actually put together an in depth training on how to create and market successful cheat sheets.  

So now you don't have to even reverse engineer what he's done to be so successful... 

Because he spills the beans in full detail for you.

In fact here is what he gives you:

  • Why cheat sheets work like crazy.
  • The 9 sections of a good cheat sheet.
  • An in-depth case study of one of Alessandro's winning cheat sheets.
  • A copy of his best selling cheat sheet so you can see EXACTLY what he provided his subscribers with.
  • Where to find news, ideas and trends.
  • The four different types of cheat sheet you can create - Yes four!
  • Four places to get your ideas.
  • The sales letter step by step (Alessandro gives you a copy of one of his that you are free to copy, steal and borrow from!)
  • Alessandro's power sales page creation notes.
  • How to find ideas for One Time Offers
  • The step by step sale process on WarriorPlus (easily replicable on other platforms if you wish)
  • Four super effective ways to get traffic to your cheatsheet.
  • PLUS BONUS video series about cheatsheets (value of $27)
  • BONUS webinar series about product launch (sold for $97)

This is an extraordinary training package that everyone can take advantage of, because you don’t have to be a writer.

If you can copy and paste links from the web into a blank document -- You can do this!

The most incredible thing is the insane low price ticket he's put on this training.  I would honestly have charged $47 - $97 and would have slept well at night knowing what a total bargain I'd given people.  But Alessandro isn't asking anywhere near that.

Click Here and see all of what he's virtually giving you and the insane, tiny, total no-brainer price tag (unreal).

Note: If you are a member of Society11 then we have struck an exclusive deal with Alessandro on this and you should not pick this up from this link but instead go to the S11 group on Facebook and check out the member deal.